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Fundación Grupo London Supply

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For the past two years, The London Supply Foundation has been carrying on “Supersanitos” (Superhealthy) Paediatric Campaigns in those schools that the Foundation donated 8 years ago and continues to sponsor, located in the humble neighbourhood Barrio Primero de Mayo, Province of Misiones, Argentina. In 2017, 300 children that attend the Nursery School Jardín Materno Infantil “Madre Teresa de Calcuta” were examined by doctors and this year the 600 students that attend the Elementary School Escuela Primaria N° 875 received the same benefit. Supersanitos Campaigns take 3 consecutive days, without interrupting lessons at school, during which some classrooms are turned into medical rooms. The examinations include paediatric, ophthalmologic and audiology controls as well as vaccinating children, when applicable, in compliance with the vaccination schedule. Each particular case of patients that need further control is identified to allow for further medical assistance in the different health institutions of Argentina.